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Physical Asset Verification, CMMS Data Enrichment, Maintenance Improvement and Development of Bill of Materials (BoMs)  

Project Objective: To enrich and cleanse the CMMS data to allow for more effective and efficient maintenance and integrity management of the equipment on the assets.  

Client: Oil and Gas Operator

Asset: 2 Onshore Assets

Location: ASPAC

Software: Effio™ePAV™

A summary of the CMMS data issues identified during the project

  • 40% of the tags on site were missing from the CMMS, including critical equipment such as Gas Detectors and Emergency Lighting
  • Identified 1840 SCEs that were not being maintained
  • Identified critical equipment being managed under the wrong performance standard, including PSV’s and Fire and Gas Detectors
  • Identified equipment that was marked as decommissioned in the CMMS but was still operating
  • Only 4.3% of the nameplate data was populated
  • 13% of equipment had the wrong object code assigned
  • 2.3% of equipment had spare parts assigned
  • 67% of maintenance workorders for safety critical elements (SCE) and production critical equipment (PCE) were not fit for purpose

A summary of the scope of work designed to rectify the client issues and assure plant safety, reliability, and efficiency

Physical Asset Verification

Conducted a Physical Asset Verification of 40,250 equipment tags to verify their existence, enrich equipment data, and identify new tags that were not included in the CMMS

Safety Critical Element Maintenance Optimisation

Aligned the SCEs with the correct performance standard, updated job plans and optimized the maintenance plan through packaging and grouping of work orders

Development of BoMs

Developed and delivered recommended operating spares (BoMs), material mastering of new materials and standardisation material mastering for existing materials

CMMS Data Enrichment

Added missing equipment into CMMS, identified 563 SCE’s that were missing from the CMMS, enriched name plate data for the development of BoMs and updated object type codes

Production Critical Equipment Maintenance Optimisation

Assigned newly identified PCE’s with maintenance and optimised existing PCE maintenance work orders and schedule to rationalise costs, assure reliability, and avoid asset downtime


CMMS upload templates including:

  • Updated Asset Register with enriched and cleansed data attributes
  • SCE maintenance work orders (assurance tasks) and optimized
  • PCE maintenance work orders and optimized schedule
  • Valve register
  • Operating spare parts (BoMs)

Additional deliverables:

  • Red line marked up drawings showcasing new tags identified
  • Report with findings and recommendations for further optimization
  • Advice on tactics for continuous improvement and management of change to avoid future data issues

Value provided by ABL:

  • The client now has assurance that what is on site is reflected accurately in the CMMS and can therefore be managed appropriately to mitigate risk, assure reliability, and optimize costs
  • Safety critical elements are being managed appropriately to mitigate risk and assure compliance with performance standards and legislation
  • All PCEs are correctly identified in the CMMS, providing the means to maintain the equipment effectively to avoid downtime
  • Correct name plate data is now available in the CMMS for BoMs to be developed and the correct spares to be purchased
  • Equipment outage time can be reduced through grouping and packaging of maintenance (reducing the requirement to take equipment offline multiple times)
  • Enhanced planning and scheduling of maintenance to maximize time available and resource utilization
  • Avoid purchasing the wrong equipment, causing unnecessary expenditure
  • Reduce equipment downtime by having access to the correct spare parts