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Midia Gas Development Project

Project title: Midia Gas Development Project  

Project location: Offshore Romania

Client: Black Sea Oil & Gas 

Start date: April 2019 

Project Summary:

Black Sea Oil & Gas S.A (BSOG) is the titleholder and operator of petroleum exploration, development and exploitation block XV Midia, located on the continental shelf of the Romanian Black Sea. The Ana and Doina reservoirs are located in the Black Sea, 110 km to the east of Constanta, Romania, with water depths between 70 to(and) 85 m.

The Midia Gas Development Project produces and processes gas from the Ana Platform (NUW Platform with 4 × wells) and Doina (single, vertical subsea well tied back via an 18-kilometre pipeline to the Ana Platform) and routes it to export to consumers within Romania and the EU. The first gas production from Ana and Doina started in mid-2022.

The Ana Platform is connected to shore via a 16-inch x 121 km carbon steel pipeline with a concrete coating, which crosses the beach to the onshore gas treatment plant. Gas produced from the Midia Gas Development is exported to the onshore gas transmission network.


  • This was the first major Oil & Gas project after approximately 35 years in the Black Sea
  • Challenging Regulatory Body in Romania for approvals
  • Once the project started, the sub-contractors led to project delays

Our Solutions

  • Marine warranty services for all stages of the projects.
  • Briefly, MWS during construction/building/commissioning of the ANA platform
  • Project management review, design, calculation and drawings, control on-site during fabrication and installation, weight control for jacket and topside towing arrangements calculations, load out and installation, welding quality control, review sea fastening design and control of all heavy parts during the project
  • Umbilical load out and sea fastening design, umbilical lay down and trenching operations
  • Suitability surveys of Jack Up Rig, DSV, OSV, PSV, Heavy lift floating cranes, pipe laying barge
  • Witnessed various DP trials and tests prior to project mobilisation, field entry

Our Value

Centralised project management and document control system for optimised project delivery

Combined with marine & port infrastructure advisory expertise from our parent company, ABL Group.

Largest pool of expertise across energy, marine and engineering disciplines

Unique characteristics of the project

The project was the first such Oil & Gas project after approximately 35 years in the Black Sea region.

It’s also the first project of it’s kind in Romania which marked the beginning of the Romanian offshore developments and served as a gate for all the green projects aiming to hit the EU’s Zero Emission target by 2050.

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