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Maintenance build for gas treatment plant

Project Objective: To ensure critical Plant information, Equipment data, and Maintenance
Tasks and Schedules were identified and uploaded to the CMMS for maintenance to be conducted on the new plant in time for system commissioning and start-up.

Client: Production and development of natural gas assets

Asset: New build Gas Treatment Plant

Location: Iraq

Why we were contracted

ABL’s Asset Integrity Management division has a proven track record in delivering successful end-to-end maintenance builds. Our consultants provide expertise and guidance throughout these projects, P&ID extraction of data through to delivering load sheets for the client’s CMMS (SAP in this instance).

What we did

Asset Hierarchy & Master Equipment List containing 14,500+ locations & assets

  • Created a Master Equipment List from P&IDs, SLDs and various registers, managing documentation and data using Effio.
  • Developed the Functional Location Hierarchy build using Effio’s hierarchy module, in line with SAP data standards.

Asset Criticality Analysis & Identifications

  • Assessed the criticality of all locations as per the client’s criticality matrix, building the ruleset into Effio’s criticality module to ensure auditability of decisions.
  • Through this process, 2500+ SECE and 4500+ PCE locations were identified.

Asset Maintenance Strategy

  • Determined the Maintenance activities required for all locations to ensure safety and environmental compliance.
  • Work orders were generated at desired frequencies and time using Effio’s maintenance module to optimise production uptime.
  • 13,000+ locations were allocated preventive maintenance routines.

Maintenance Inspection Plan and Checklist

  • Standardised repetitive work processes and checklists which were reviewed and approved by the client in Effio.

BOM, Material Catalogue & Spare Parts Assessment

  • Identified manufacturer and model numbers against assets, before developing and assigning Bills of Materials within Effio.

The key project benefits

Equipment Data Collection and Development

Equipment meta data collection and standardisation for the facility, allows visibility of all locations and simple navigation in SAP (client’s CMMS).

Maintenance Application

Provides on-site technicians with a standardised step-by-step task list for each maintainable item and provides baseline frequencies and durations for each maintenance activity. These task lists can be used from plant commissioning, and can be refined once the plant is running and failure data is captured and analysed.

BoM, Material Catalogue & Spare Parts Assessment

Provides the data to the facility allowing them to house critical spares for equipment. This makes ordering parts and tracking inventory levels more efficient, as all required information has been captured and verified.

Criticality Analysis

Gives the client the ability to prioritise Work Orders and have more control of their maintenance activities and planning.

Software used for this project: Effio™

Effio™ is ABL’s cloud-based master data build and optimisation software capable of saving up to 50% on time and cost efficiencies compared to traditional methods. By seamlessly integrating with existing ERP, CMMS and workflows, Effio™ provides a one stop solution for controlled, efficient, consistent, and connected deployment of an asset management strategy.

Effio™ was used across the entire project scope for this client, providing the following benefits:  

  • Centralised data in one place with all changes (including approvals) recorded in the audit log
  • Multi-user access promoting a collaborative working environment between the project team and the client
  • The project issue log and document register were controlled within Effio™ 
  • CMMS data standards were built into Effio™ to ensure data compliance when loading
  • Direct links to drawings for each location within Effio™ using the Library module
  • Automated QA checks for each build category (Locations, Criticality, BoMs and Maintenance)
  • Automated Criticality calculations within Effio™ for each location
  • Automated Maintenance Allocation within Effio™ for each location

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