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Innosea completes engineering on Peyrolles-en-Provence Floating Solar Plant

Innosea – the marine renewables engineering, R&D and advisory experts – recently completed independent engineering work to support the design phase of the Peyrolles-en-Provence floating solar PV (FPV) plant – repurposing a decommissioned gravel pit of the same name.

With a projected capacity of 14.7 MWc – enough to power around 6400 homes with green energy, the FPV plant will be installed at the site of a disused water gravel pit, converting a large available water body for the production of renewable energy to power the local area.

“We were really pleased to bring our expertise and track-record in engineering and consulting at the design stage of FPV projects, to the Peyrolles-en-Provence project. This is a project executed in complete compliance with the principle of ‘avoid-reduce-compensate‘ – integrating environmental challenges into the project design for optimised results. Not only that, this project repurposes a large, decommissioned space, for the development of beneficial green energy generation”

Valentin Arramounet, Specialist Engineer, Innosea

Innosea carried our aerodynamic and environmental loading calculation management, detailed mooring and anchoring design, mooring installation operation follow-up and validation.

The plant will consist of more than 43000 solar panels installed on a floating structure covering 12.6 hectors and moored with dead-weight anchors. The FPV plant was commissioned in January this year.

Innosea is a world-leading specialist in R&D, engineering and advisory for FPV development, contributing to over 60 FPV projects in France, USA, Portugal, Maldives, Indonesia, Laos, Brazil and elsewhere.