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Development of Maintenance Craft and Repair Procedures

Asset: Onshore Gas Plant

Duration: 2 months

Project Objective: To create optimised maintenance procedures for assurance in equipment reliability and rationalisation of maintenance expenditure

Location: Oman

What we did

  • Cleansed and enriched the asset register for the site compressor stations and solar turbine units
  • Facilitated workshops with the client SME’s (Subject Matter Experts)
  • Interviewed the maintenance team to capture site specific information
  • Developed a suite of site specific maintenance craft and repair procedures
  • Packaged and scheduled the sequences for the maintenance procedures
  • Created CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) upload templates for implementation

The results

  • Increase in equipment reliability
  • Maintenance expenditure is now rationalized
  • The maintenance schedule is optimized to reduce peaks and troughs in maintenance execution
  • Critical spares and special tools are now listed against the planned maintenance
  • The new procedures and plans are implemented in the CMMS against the relevant tag numbers

“My team and I were very impressed with the skills, knowledge and experience of the ABL consultants. Following a successful site visit, the workshop sessions enabled the end users of the procedures to be fully engaged in their creation. The final development and packaging of the procedures was completed within budget and schedule…I do hope that we can work together again in the future.”