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BoM Data Impact Assessment

Client: Operator

Asset: Deep-Water Production Platform

Project Objective: To identify the cost impact associated with missing Bill of Materials (BoMs) data

Project Duration: 2 days

What We Did

ABL’s BoM Calculator was used to identify the extent of missing BoMs in the CMMS, and the impact this had in terms of equipment downtime and unnecessary expenditure.

This assessment calculated the impact missing BoM data had on potential:

  • Downtime costs
  • Additional maintenance costs
  • Wasted administration time


Using the assets production capacity statistics and benchmarking against industry norms, ABL found:

7112 missing Bill of Materials which had the capacity to incur the following risk profile and costs:

  • £4,000,000 of possible downtime in one year
  • £1,300,000 of additional maintenance expenditure in one year
  • £73,600 of additional supply chain admin costs in one year