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Asset Maintenance Strategy Development and Annual Reviews

Client: Marine

Asset: Vessel classes RAstar 85, ART 80, RT 80, z-tech

Project Objective: To develop the client’s Asset Management Strategy using ISO 55001 as the reference point to support their drive toward operational excellence.

Location: Australia

Project Duration: Annual since 2020

Why we were contracted

ABL has been engaged by a small shipping operation in Australia to support its drive towards operational excellence. We collaborated initially to develop the Asset Management Strategy using ISO 55001 as the reference point.

Although the fleet performance was ‘good’ the operations team were seeking ways to improve resilience and an organisational maturity (Process Excellence Model) was selected and developed.

What we did

Over the following years we have further supported the operation by providing annual reviews of target processes and providing independent insights through assessment of their journey using our maturity model.

The maturity model uses a standard ISO audit technique adapted to suit the marine operation and includes current research on ‘high resilience’.

As a next step, we will now look at benchmarking and enhanced performance to take them beyond their current performance.

The Deliverables

Asset Maintenance Strategy

Development of strategy aligned with international best practices through collaborative support.

Annual Management Reviews

Annual reviews provide valuable insights into best practices and opportunities for improvement, delivered through independent review.

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