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Asset Maintenance Build

Client: Drilling Operator

Asset: Semi-Submersible Drilling Rig

Project Objective: To deliver an efficient and effective Maintenance Management regime designed to assure the safety integrity of the equipment, reliability and production of the facility

Location: UK

Project Duration: 6 Months

What we did

ABL were contracted to deliver a maintenance management regime for a new build semi-submersible drilling facility. Working with our client in the design and commissioning phase of the project meant that ABL were able to input into the development of the foundation data, which is a fundamental aspect critical for achieving optimal performance and compliance.


  • An asset register and functional location hierarchy compliant with NORSOK Z008
  • Criticality assignments
  • Full planned maintenance strategy library with failure mode mitigation
  • FMEA’s
  • Maintenance task lists
  • 5 year planned maintenance schedule for upload into CMMS
  • RCM records
  • Maintenance BoMs


Assurance that all equipment on the plant is accounted for in the asset register, enabling equipment to be managed and maintained, helping to ensure productivity and safety integrity of the plant

A structured hierarchy enables the maintenance team to navigate through the data easily, and inter-dependencies of equipment to be clearly defined, which is a crucial success factor for efficient maintenance planning and scheduling

Able to avoid wasting money buying and storing the wrong parts, through accurate name plate data which details the correct equipment specifications

Accurate criticality rankings will enable maintenance and spares to be assigned, prioritised, and stocked effectively

Risk of downtime is reduced now that the correct BoMs are assigned to equipment tags

Increased reliability through optimised preventative maintenance, enabling the asset team to intervene at the right time, to avoid known failure modes