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Motive Offshore Group appoints ABL to digitise asset base

Leading Energy Industry Specialist Motive Offshore Group (Motive) has contracted ABL to automate and digitize its extensive pool of rental equipment, enabling cost-efficient support whilst improving the customer experience for offshore energy operators and their suppliers.

Peter Adam, managing director of asset and integrity management at ABL [left] and Ross Whittingham, Technical Director at Motive Offshore Group [right]

ABL’s award winning software AssetVoiceTM utilizes customizable automated work flows with scannable tags to link the physical asset with its digital imprint, giving assets a voice, Motive is implementing this automated asset tracking solution for its rental equipment, which is utilized by operators and supplier companies in the maritime, oil and gas and renewables industries.

Motive is an energy service company specializing in the design, manufacture, rental and inspection of marine and lifting equipment across the renewables, oil and gas and decommissioning industries.

Motive will start the digital asset transformation at its headquarters in Banff, Aberdeenshire, UK, and then expand to its international offices in Stavanger, Norway; Sharjah, UAE; Houston, USA; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Taipei, Taiwan.

Motive is transforming its rental fleet with the rollout of digital technologies providing asset tracking and real-time data. Digitalised equipment unlocks significant benefits for our clients and Motive, such as increased sustainability through ESG analysis, improving operational efficiency through more informed decision-making, and automated financial tracking to calculate accurate utilization cost.” says Ross Whittingham, Technical Director at Motive Offshore Group.

The combination of the AssetVoice software and RFID technology, which is being facilitated by an IoT (Internet of Things) network, provides customers with clear and instantaneous reports which will save Motive time on manual reporting.

“Our task is to help Motive in optimizing availability, integrity and efficiency of its asset base, meaning cost savings, increased productivity, and an excellent customer experience for Motive and its clients. They are a forward-thinking business who have identified our groundbreaking software as part of their strategy to capitalize on the benefits digital solutions can offer,” says Peter Adam, managing director of asset and integrity management at ABL.

ABL has not disclosed the value of its contract.