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AqualisBraemar LOC ASA (OSE: Aqua) offers independent energy and marine consultancy to the global renewables, maritime and oil and gas sectors. The group has offices in 38 countries worldwide. AqualisBraemar LOC ASA operates under seven brands: AqualisBraemar LOC, OWC, Innosea, Longitude, JLA, East Point Geo and ABL Yachts.


Free Webinar – Oil & Gas Asset Purchases

Oil and Gas M&A activity is not showing signs of slowing down, in fact it seems assets are exchanging hands ever more rapidly. The North Sea has seen operators come and go, however, the facilities remain in place as new owners move in. The types, design and appetite of new and old operators are ever varied but the main aim for them all is to maintain a solid smooth-running business. So if your business is Oil and Gas, you need to be sure that your newly acquired assets are a blessing and not a burden.

Traditionally a lot of focus is given to the reserves in the sub-surface, however the topsides are critical in producing the hydrocarbons and are where the CAPEX and OPEX are directly applied. 

These assets carry a risk, a risk that is shared with past, present and future operators and also other parties that get involved along the way.

A lot of these assets are coming close to, or have even exceeded their expected operating life. They will be tired and no longer run or look as pretty as they once did. New purchasers and owners will look beyond the chipped paint and rusted metal and to the potential uplift that could be achieved with a fresh perspective of the operations. 

It is not about how many barrels the field has already produced but how many more can be. The flow of hydrocarbons is vital, so without functioning facilities and infrastructure, those reserves are as useful as a stack of gold within a locked safe that you have forgotten the combination to. 

By attending the webinar you will learn:

  • Reasons why M&A transactions take place 
  • Processes purchasers go through to mitigate unwanted risks – sorting the wheat from the chaff 
  • Experiences from when it goes right and also when it goes wrong

The knowledge shared during this webinar should interest not only operators but service companies, finance providers and insurers.

To find out more on the subject join us on the 24 March 2021 when AqualisBraemar LOC, with backing from the Society of Petroleum Engineers London Section (SPE), will host a panel session with industry professionals on the topic of M & A transactions. Crucially the session will aim to lift the lid on the black art of asset valuation, facility investigation and ensuring that the infrastructure will keep ticking once the keys are handed over.

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