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ABL Yachts 1st Industry Collaboration Event

We are pleased to announce that ABL Yachts 1st Industry Collaboration event took place on Friday March 1st at Mercedes Benz World. The event aimed to create a forum for Flag states, P&I Clubs and H&M Insurers to discuss topics of common interest and encourage collaborative opportunities aiming to take the industry forward.

Representatives of most Flag States, P&I Clubs and H&M Insurers active in the yacht industry attended in a friendly environment to encourage discussion and participation by all parties. The setup for the event involved short presentations followed by Q&A.

The discussions and connections forged during this event have laid a solid foundation for future collaboration that will lead to industry solutions and stronger relations between all stakeholders involved.

Adam Jackson

 “The Superyacht sector hosts many events throughout the year, and at these events the very high level of collaboration in our industry is clear. But my time at Flag as Head of Yachts at the MCA and now in Insurance as Head of Yachts at ABL Yachts, showed me that this collaboration did not necessarily exist between these hugely important stakeholders. I really wanted to change this, and to host an event aimed squarely at bringing insurers and Flag in our industry together. I am delighted to work for an organisation (ABL Group) that strongly supported this idea and even more delighted to now be looking back on what was a unique event. It was insightful and informative, but above all extremely enjoyable and the highlight for me was getting the opportunity to introduce my amazing Flag friends and past colleagues to my equally brilliant insurance friends and colleagues. I am excited to keep this momentum going.”

Adam Jackson, Head of ABL Yachts

After the conference participants got to enjoy a driving experience at the venue, and many followed for a group dinner to conclude the day.

As we reflect on the success of this gathering, it is clear that collective efforts such as this can lead to significant advancements and great benefits for the yachts industry.

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