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The scope of scopes around market-based measures

“Emissions from shipping have been estimated to be circa 3% of the world today – or equivalent to a developed country the size of Germany.”

Paul Martin
Paul Martin

Paul Martin, ABL Maritime Director and Project Director for emiTr – ABL Group’s digital inventory of port emissions – talks to IHS Markit Perspective about shipping emissions, their expected growth relative to world trade growth, potential future market-based regulations to support the industry’s decarbonisation, and the complexity in measuring benefits of such measures on different areas of the maritime industry, including ports and harbours.

Part of IHS Markit’s Ports and Harbours magazine, Paul discusses the different scopes of a port’s emissions profile, as well as musing what could be on the horizon in terms of regulation and potential solutions under current review, including Shore Power.

“While ostensibly shore power makes sense, the cost of installation, maintenance, and operator training is significant. Despite it being effective at removing emissions from the period of a port call when the vessel is alongside, it will not remove emissions during the transit phase of the call.”

Paul Martin
Container ship at port

Get in touch with IHS Markit to access the full article.

And find out more about emiTr, and how it can support ports and harbours in taking decisive steps to get ahead of the curve in identifying their carbon footprint, so they can take informed actions.

“emiTr can help ports and other maritime facilities such as shipyards, offshore wind sites, and even the oil and gas industry to get ahead of the curve and identify their carbon footprint, so they can take informed action. Understanding the scope of the scopes is key.”

Paul Martin

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