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Meet the Team: Kate Oakes | East Point Geo

The team at AqualisBraemar LOC Group (ABL Group) shares the passion, vision and values for working in energy and the world’s oceans, de-risking and driving the energy transition. We are driven by the idea that the best work is born from professionalism, diligence… and fun. You know ABL Group, but do you know our team?

Kate Oakes, Engineering Geoscientist | East Point Geo, Exeter

What do you do at East Point Geo (EPG)?

I carry out geospatial analyses and collate a range of geological, geotechnical and geophysical data to develop an understanding of the ground conditions at a site, onshore and offshore. I then use the interpretations to create ground models which are a 3-D representation of the ground. The ground models can be used prior to and during the installation of offshore wind farms and export cables for example.

What inspired you to go into the field you are in?

My interest in earth sciences began with fossils at a young age, the first fossil I ever found is still the oldest I have. Later I developed a curiosity for geohazards and for my PhD I investigated how earthquake faults interact with jack-up rigs. This further pushed my interests into the offshore realm where today I mostly work in offshore wind.

What do you enjoy about working at EPG?

The vast array of data I get to work with is brilliant, my job is so interesting and very variable. Being able to explore the seabed terrain and corresponding geomorphological features is fascinating.

What is the most exciting aspect of the energy transition for you?

I think it’s brilliant how we can utilise the expertise developed from the oil and gas industry to fast track the energy transition. The quicker we get there the better.

Today is International Women’s Day. In honour of that, what do you think people can do to help dispel gender bias in our industry?

If you’re a senior leader, or in a position with great experience offer to mentor women and minority groups to help them climb the ladder. Otherwise, being aware of unconscious bias would make a big difference.

What do you enjoy in your spare time?

Mostly spending time with my friends and family, and also cycling, surfing, gardening, Xbox and food!

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