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Taking climate action with Shoreham Port

Read Shoreham Port’s 2021 Sustainability Report

ABL Group are delighted to be featured in Shoreham Port’s recent sustainability report for 2021 for our collaborative project emiTr – a digital solution for emissions tracking for greener ports.

The report feature discusses how the aligned values of the two companies has allowed the development of a port-specific emissions measuring portal (emiTr), that will monitor the emissions from vessels, vehicles and office spaces, as Shoreham Port transitions to cleaner energy alternatives. This tracking tool is programmed to record the progress throughout the year, producing data that will be then analysed for any areas of improvement.

Paul Martin

“Sustainability and driving carbon-reducing initiatives in our maritime business is increasingly at the heart of moving forward at ABL Group. (…) The opportunity to pool resources and work through the problem, has resulted in something tangible that can help not only Shoreham Port, but the wider port community to work towards a sustainable future.”

Paul Martin, Maritime Director and emiTr Project Director

Download and read Shoreham Port’s full sustainability report via the button below: