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Romania poised for a sustainable energy future

ABL – the energy and marine consultants – recently hosted a collaborative industry panel discussion and networking reception to launch its new operations in Constanta, Romania. The panel brought together representatives from oil & gas, renewables, maritime and engineering to discuss Romania’s role in delivering Black Sea energy for today and in transitioning the region to a net-zero future.

“It was an immense privilege to host this insightful and important technical discussion on the prominence of the Black Sea in shoring up European energy security, and namely the important part Romania has to play in this. Following the completion of Romania’s 1st offshore energy construction in around 35 years – the Midia Gas Development – we are looking ahead to a really promising chapter in Romania’s proud energy history. Both ongoing plans in oil & gas and national appetite for diversification into renewable energy, boast significant opportunity for local market development for years to come, attributing to a more sustainable energy future.”

Lyubomir Djambazov, ABL Black Sea Director

The panel discussion focussed on the following key questions:

  • The Black Sea as key to European Energy Security: What’s the status on energy production and what are the challenges?
  • Black Sea energy diversification: What does the future look like?
  • How can the maritime sector support this?
  • Concluding remarks: What does the future hold?

Chaired by ABL’s Principal Subsea and Pipeline Engineer, Sritama Sarkar, the panel also included industry representatives from Black Sea Oil and Gas, as well as consultants in engineering, maritime and renewable energy, from ABL and its sister company, OWC:

  • Bogdan Vacarelu – Operations Manager, Black Sea Oil & Gas
  • Anton Assfoura – Green Energy Project Manager, Black Sea Oil & Gas
  • Alexandra Coman – Engineering Manager, ABL Romania
  • Daniel Wood – Head of Ports Compliance, ABL Europe
  • Craig Brown – Head of Market Studies, OWC

“We are very grateful to have had Black Sea Oil & Gas join this discussion and add their unique insights as one of the Romania’s leading energy companies. Their presence reflected the importance of this discussion to our national industry, and echoed the need in the market for industry collaboration not only in Romania, but also along our Black Sea neighbours to support the next decades of energy development.

Lyubomir Djambazov, Director ABL Black Sea

Commenting on the opportunity presented to the Romanian market, to build up the local talent pool and supply chain to support the project pipeline ahead, Engineering Manager Alexandra Coman says:

“The Black Sea region has long been a crucial link in the global energy. (…) The future of Black Sea energy diversification holds immense promise, but requires bold vision, decisive action, and unwavering commitment. We as engineers in the region, are at the forefront of this transformative journey.”

Alexandra Coman, Engineering Manager, ABL Romania

The event, which took place on Thursday 9th May in Constanta, Romania, marked the official opening of ABL Romania and welcomed guests from oil & gas, renewables, maritime and insurance industries across Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

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