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Over 20 years of Marine Excellence: Spotlight on ABL Indonesia

ABL is a leading global independent energy and marine consultant working in energy and oceans to de-risk and drive the energy transition across the renewables, maritime and oil and gas sectors. We offer our clients the deepest pool of world-class expertise across marine and engineering disciplines from more than 300 locations worldwide – every single one of these locations has its own story.

In this article we delve into ABL’s presence in Indonesia, highlighting the history, capabilities and solutions that enable us to be a global partner and more importantly, a local expert!

Here are 5 facts you should know about ABL Indonesia that cement why our energy and oceans expertise can help you realise your next project.

Two Decades of Excellence: The Evolution of ABL Indonesia

Our journey began over 20 years ago as PT Falconer Bryan and has seen several transformations – becoming PT Braemar Falconer in 2008, PT AqualisBraemar Offshore Indonesia in 2019, and evolving into PT ABL Indonesia Offshore in 2022.

Despite these transformations, the core values that define our Indonesian operations have remained the same. Our commitment to delivering unparalleled expertise and fostering long-lasting client relationships has been a constant, reflecting the enduring spirit of excellence and the continuous commitment to seeking the truth at the heart of ABL Indonesia.

Our Local People: The Pillars of ABL Indonesia’s Success

At the heart of ABL Indonesia’s operations are our people, the cornerstone of everything we do. Our diverse team consists of Master Mariners, Naval Architects, Marine Engineers, and specialists in Ocean and Structural Engineering. They also boast seafaring experience across various vessel types, including LNG/LPG carriers, Bulk carriers, and Oil and Gas tankers. Many of our team members in Indonesia have been an integral part of our journey for over a decade, a testament to our stable and nurturing work environment.

Our local team has grown significantly, now boasting over 20 professionals. This expansion recently included opening a second office in Batam, further demonstrating our dedication to supporting the region’s offshore and maritime activities.

Extensive Expertise and Diverse Services 

Our local entity supports Indonesia’s energy and maritime markets. Our wide range of consultancy services reflects our deep understanding of the industry’s multifaceted needs. From rig moving consultancy and surveying to marine warranty surveys, naval architecture, and marine engineering, our expertise is as diverse as it is profound.

We can support with:

  • Hull & Machinery (H&M) surveys
  • P&I consultancy and surveys
  • Towing and transport approval
  • Expert witness and litigation
  • Rig moving operations
  • Subsea Structural Engineering
  • Marine Representation
  • Vessel Inspections
  • Deepwater Subsea equipment installation
  • Engineering document reviews
  • Marine Surveys
  • IMCA audits
  • OVID inspections

And more…

A Legacy of Excellence: ABL’s Global Technical Expertise

ABL brings together AqualisBraemar and London Offshore Consultants (LOC)’s long legacies dating back to 1979, in marine warranty and marine casualty surveying.

Energy and oceans are not only where we work but also what we live and breathe. 

Our long maritime legacy began over 150 years ago with the Salvage Association in the era of sailing ships and steam. In the last four decades, we’ve been deeply involved in the offshore oil and gas industry supporting today’s needs in even more remote and harsh environments. Today we help develop and construct offshore renewables in all parts of the globe along with developing new clean marine propulsion systems; energy and oceans are at the heart of what we do.

Our Indonesia Maritime team meeting with our Group Maritime Director in Jakarta

While we take immense pride in our local team of experts in Indonesia, their capabilities are further amplified by the technical support from our global network of over 1500 colleagues. This vast pool of talent brings strategic expertise and knowledge across various domains, including:

  • Rigs and wells operations and inspections
  • Energy Transition technology including carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS)
  • Ports and harbours consultancy and engineering

Supporting Key Local and Regional Projects

ABL Indonesia has been instructed to provide a very diverse range of services for more than 20 years in the country. We’ve worked on high-profile wreck removals, Marine Warranty Surveys (MWS) for Rig moving, and MWS for transportation and installation (T&I) projects, to name a few.

Our involvement in major regional projects, such as the THORCO CLOUD Wreck Removal, underscores our expertise and reinforces our position as local leaders in the field. These projects not only highlight our team’s extensive capabilities but also our commitment to making a tangible impact in the region.

In addition to our local endeavours, ABL Indonesia is part of a wider group that contributes significantly to regional development. A notable example is Longitude Engineering, a part of the ABL Group, undertaking a feasibility study that supports Indonesia’s drive towards low carbon shipping. This work exemplifies our group’s dedication to sustainable development and our ability to deliver complex, large-scale projects, cementing our reputation as a key player in the energy and marine sectors in the area.

To Conclude

While our name might have changed several times, our Indonesian presence still offers the same exceptional standards of technical expertise our track record showcases. Our local market knowledge and know-how combined with the principles instilled in the company from our humble beginning as PT Falconer Bryan to today’s PT ABL Indonesia Offshore have transformed our local expertise backed by the collective global expertise of >1500 colleagues.

Our recent expansion with a strategically located office in Batam signifies more than just growth; it’s a reaffirmation of our commitment to delivering unparalleled consulting services in Indonesia and the broader region. This expansion is a key part of our strategy to support the ongoing growth and development initiatives in the region, ensuring that we continue to offer the highest level of service and the most diverse range of technical consulting. With our local presence stronger than ever, ABL Indonesia is perfectly positioned to be your global partner and local expert for years to come!

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