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Meet the team: Oisin Roantree

The team at AqualisBraemar LOC shares the passion, vision and values for working in energy and the world’s oceans, de-risking and driving the energy transition. We are driven by the idea that the best work is born from professionalism, diligence… and fun. You know AqualisBraemar LOC, but do you know our team?

Oisin Roantree, Marine Surveyor | ABL Abu Dhabi

What do you do at AqualisBraemar LOC?

My role in ABL is that of a surveyor.

This is an highly varied position, but some of the most common jobs I attend are vessel suitability and condition surveys, Marine Warranty Surveyor (MWS) attendances for rig moving and project cargo loadouts or onboard attendances as operating company marine rep for various field operations such as subsea inspection, maintenance campaigns and barge moves.

What excites you the most about our industry?

The thing that excites me the most about the industry is that it is constantly evolving, offshore projects and vessels are always progressing with the latest technologies and methods. As a surveyor you are at the cutting edge of this fast-paced industry and our roles and knowledge are constantly evolving with it.

What made you join AqualisBraemar LOC?

As with most seafarers, there came a time when spending less time away and more time at home with my family became more and more of a priority. When an opportunity presented itself for me to join what was then Aqualis Offshore I jumped at the chance. It offered me an almost unique opportunity to spend more time ashore whilst continuing to work at the forefront of the industry, and to spend some time at sea onboard ships and rigs. 

I was very excited to join as I knew that the global footprint and the diversity of services we provide would allow me to continue to develop my professional knowledge and experience as the world changes.

Countries such as the UAE which were traditionally highly fossil fuel dependent are increasingly looking towards offshore renewables as an energy source and I am delighted to be working for a company who are already global market leaders in this sector.

I look forward to being able to draw on the huge depth knowledge of my colleagues around the world as offshore renewable energy gains traction in this region.

What do you do when you are not working?

In my free time I like to spend as much time as possible with my family. My wife and I have a young son, and we are lucky enough to be expecting our second child in January.

If there is any time outside of that, I am a firm believer in my favourite quote from a childhood book that “there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats” and we are fortunate with the climate here in the UAE that we are able to spend a lot of time either on, in or near the sea.

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