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Meet the Team: Mustika Wardani – Group HSEQ Manager

Across LOC, Longitude, Innosea and JLA, our teams are united by a shared commitment to support clients globally with practical and pragmatic solutions, de-risking operations across energy and oceans, and driving energy transition in shipping, renewables and oil and gas markets. You know our teams, but do you know our people?

This week meet Mustika Wardani – Group HSEQ Manager and Specialist, based at LOC in Singapore, but with responsibility across the group, including group companies, Longitude Engineering, JLA and Innosea.

What do you do at LOC?

I have two roles in LOC – the first is as Group HSEQ Manager, responsible for initiating and driving across all group companies, the centralised management systems and maintaining LOC global certification for the ISO9001, ISO4001 and ISO45001.

My second role is as HSEQ Specialist. I am particularly involved in Quality Assurance Assessment and Risk Assessment works, assessing operational and business risks associated with project management, construction, fabrication of various HAZOP/HAZID workshops for Loadout, Transportation and Installation operations of the Pipelines, Topsides, Jackets and Subsea structures.

What excites you the most about our industry? 

My home country, Indonesia, is surrounded by wide sea areas. Most of my holidays would always be sea-related activities including watching boats for fishing and transporting goods between small islands. Hence, I have always had an interest in the marine topic.

The marine industry has always been a major form of transportation, as well as a key link connecting islands and countries. Over the years, I have witnessed the dynamic evolution of modes of sea transportation, from conventional ship transportation operations, to ongoing ship digital transformations and automation, for instance the development of unmanned ships. It has been an eye-opener for me to see the vast array of expertise and disciplines, which play a role in the continuous market collaboration to reach optimum benefits in this evolutionary process in sea transportation – the results of which are beneficial to the maritime supply chain industry and to create a more efficient, environmentally friendly and safer maritime space.

Specifically working in a marine consultancy environment – it makes me really happy to have the opportunity to learn new things, closely observe the work being done in this transformation space, and to play a part in today’s ongoing evolution of marine markets.

What made you join LOC? 

I have been working in marine since I graduated from university. Before I joined LOC, I crossed paths with a few LOC mariners and engineers on various projects. Their full dedication, integrity, and openness to providing solutions and working together with the other parties had impressed me. When LOC offered me to fill the HSEQ Manager role, without hesitation I grabbed the opportunity.

What do you do when you are not working? 

Food always fascinated me. Since I’ve been living in Indonesia and Singapore, street food is always easy to get – I love to eat street food. Most of the time, I believe I eat too much. To compensate for my eating habit, I put my effort into swimming and more outdoor activities. I enjoy morning cycling and walking around the national parks. I am now starting to learn kayaking and I really appreciate the outdoors and nature more and more everyday.