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Meet Richard Brennan, Well Control Equipment Manager, ABL Newcastle

The team at ABL Group shares the passion, vision and values for working in energy and the world’s oceans, de-risking and driving the energy transition. We are driven by the idea that the best work is born from professionalism, diligence… and fun. You know ABL Group, but do you know our team?

As Well Control Equipment Manager, I look after the service activities globally. My days blend project/operational planning and technical support as well as exploring new opportunities for the growth of our offering.

The day begins by checking on current projects, the team’s progress on them and addressing any potential roadblocks that may affect the project critical path and ensure everyone is aligned. Communication is critical, so I can spend a lot of my day in meetings with clients and their stakeholders, providing updates and technical assurance.

As the day moves past morning, I typically dive deeper into project details. This is the time I spend on technical report reviews, risk reviews, and working on project documentation. It’s also when I get one-on-one time with our Well Control Equipment Engineers out in the field providing support, which in my case might be troubleshooting issues—be they technical or logistical—by working with teams globally keeping projects on track.

Towards the end of the day, I focus on planning for the next. I update the project management software, make sure that I’ve prioritised actions, and send out any communication that will be required. This controlled but dynamic routine ensures our projects will roll from one phase to the other successfully, and when curve balls are thrown at projects, they are handled swiftly.

“Growing up on Orkney and looking back, Energy and Oceans very much percolated into my DNA. I started my career in the shipping industry as a Marine Engineer, before transferring to the offshore drilling industry as a Subsea Engineer. The primary inspiration for me to join the oil and gas exploration industry was my fascination on how we take energy for granted, when flicking a switch to power an electrical appliance or filling our car with fuel.

The challenges we face in drilling exploration on Oil & Gas wells in water depths of over 12,000ft and in some of the most inhospitable oceans around the globe deeply motivated me. The challenges we face in drilling exploration on Oil & Gas wells in water depths of over 12,000ft and in some of the most inhospitable oceans around the globe deeply motivated me. Since then, my fascination has given me the opportunity to work on very complex projects and cutting edge technology that play a crucial role in exploring and harnessing energy resources,

Additionally, the prospect of contributing to a field that is vital to global energy needs and learning from experienced professionals further fuelled my passion to be part of this industry”.

We are moving into another exciting chapter on how global energy will be identified and how it’ll be harnessed and supplied. However, the challenges we have faced previously in developing Oil & Gas derived energy has provided knowledge, expertise and a desire to create new technologies and I’m excited to be working with ABL Group delivering on future energies.

It’s a pleasure working within a global team that genuinely believes that better never stops!

More about Richard

Position: Well Control Equipment Manager

Office: Newcastle / Aberdeen

Hobbies: Cycling, Badminton & Five-a-Side Football

Favourite song: Its all about music for me – Currently “I sat by the ocean” Queens of the Stone Age & “Human Crimes” Pixies

ABL has extensive rigs inspection expertise including, rig selection, reactivation assurance, new-build delivery and preservation inspection. The company’s dedicated rig inspection team consists of multi-disciplined engineers with decades of practical rig inspection experience that helps to provide regulatory compliance and equipment operability assurance to rig owners and operators. Additionally, our sister company, AGR has unrivalled expertise in well operations and consultancy: