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IUMI 2023: The week’s round-up from ABL Group Managing Director for Energy Services

The international Union of Marine Insurance met for at its annual conference in Edinburgh from the 17-20th September. 

With specialist workshops covering hull, cargo, offshore energy, loss prevention, Inland hull, fishing vessels and yachts, legal and liability and international Policy aspects, the conference covers all the current main marine insurance issues. With over 500 delegates, the conference represents the largest annual gathering of the great and the good from the marine insurance industry. The overall theme for the conference this year was “strength and stability in turbulent seas”  

ABL were privileged to continue to support the conference with ABL’s Remy Pascal presenting within the Offshore Energy workshop on the topic of Floating Wind – Novel Design Or Just Routine Engineering?

Remy discussed both the similarities and primary differences in the design and installation engineering of floating wind developments vs traditional oil and gas and fixed wind assets.

Remy’s presentation sat alongside other presentations from presenters from Equinor, SSE and RMS which covered insurance considerations for current floating wind design concepts, catastrophic environmental risks facing the offshore wind energy industry and an assessment of insurance market support the energy industry in its energy transition journey to net Zero. 

During the presentations and the subsequent panel discussion, there were a number of recurring themes with the primary topics being, O&M maintenance challenges and cost for floating wind, the level of Standards and certification for floating wind systems, mooring system redundancy and challenges for underwriters in insuring a rapid evolving industry in its research and development phase.

A terrific week was had by all and a huge thank you goes to the organisers at IUMI. See you next year in Germany!

Alex Harrison

Alex Harrison

ABL Group Energy Services Managing Director

Member of the IUMI Offshore Energy Committee