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Building Cyber Resilience: A Call to Action by ABL Malaysia

ABL Malaysia was recently invited to attend and participate in a town hall organised by the National Cyber Security Agency (NACSA) of Malaysia, to discuss the country’s Cybersecurity Bill 2024. The NACSA is part of the National Security Council in the Prime Minister’s Department.

The town hall addressed highlights of the bill, including the formulation of Cybersecurity Legislation, which would represent a pivotal step in mitigating and preventing future cyber threats. The proposed legislation aims to create a legal framework that complements existing laws, ensuring a comprehensive and effective approach to cybersecurity.

As part of the strategy, the NACSA also pledges to enforce the new legislation as it comes to fruition. Another important topic for discussion was how to address the challenge of skills shortage among cybersecurity professionals, with an anticipated need for at least 25,000 experts by 2025.

Amit Kulkarni

“We at ABL were really pleased to be invited to join the discussion with the NACSA and we welcome this important step in shoring up the resilience of Malaysia’s digital infrastructure for the future. As technological advances in automation and digitisation of offshore and energy assets continue at pace, we are well aware of the increasing risk profile to rigs, ports, ships and other marine infrastructure. A consistent plan for the long-term risk management is therefore, critical.”

Amit Kulkarni, Rig Inspection Manager, ABL Asia Pacific

ABL – the energy and marine consultants – specialises in cybersecurity risk analysis as well as proposing risk mitigation strategies, for marine and energy infrastructure, notably rigs, both onshore and offshore.

ABL also looks forward to further collaborating with NACSA in standardising regulations and implementing the proposed bill to enhance cyber resilience in Marine and Energy Infrastructure.

Where ABL supports in Cybersecurity:

ABL’s experienced team in marine and energy assurance & risk, are experienced in the delivery a wide variety of cybersecurity services to support maritime and energy infrastructure.

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We blend the many years’ of experience of our marine and rigs surveyors with the in-house expertise of our extensive engineering department, to provide the most comprehensive and up to date review and risk-mitigation conditions for any given asset in energy and oceans.