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ABL holds internal Jack-Up training course further enhancing in-house expertise

In a continuous effort to further support our clients, ABL rolled out an internal Jack-Up course last week, led by our global experts. The training course was meticulously designed to enhance our team’s proficiency in supporting our diverse clientele, focusing on the evolving needs of the industry.

Delivered by our experts the course featured Stephen Craig, Group Director – Rig Ops Services, Kostas Panagopoulos, Operations & Maintenance MWS Director Europe, and Jonathan Cook, Regional Director for Rig Operations (Europe & West Africa), each sharing their unique insights and extensive experience with the participants.

”With ABL’s involvement in numerous Jack-Up operation projects around the globe, on an annual basis, and the ever-changing landscape this training course was an excellent opportunity to share with our colleagues both our knowledge and experience to further their development and enhance our client support in the Oil & Gas and renewables sectors”

Stephen Craig, Group Director – Rig Ops Services

The intensive two-day training course was held last week at both our London and Rotterdam offices, offering a comprehensive deep dive into the critical aspects of Jack-Up operations.

Day 1: Introduction to Jack-Ups, covering:

  • Foundation Characteristics
  • Jack-Up Foundation Assessments
  • Site-Specific Assessments & Location Approvals

Day 2: Focused on Rig Moving Projects and Jack-Ups in the Marine Renewable Energy Industry, delving into:

  • Tow and Towing Gear
  • Important Preparations for Rig Moves
  • Afloat Stability, Moving Off and On Locations
  • Planning Jack-Up Operations in the Marine Renewable Energy Industry, Case Studies, and the Crucial Role of the Marine Warranty Surveyor

The training aimed to not only broaden the participants understanding but also equip them with practical tools and knowledge to tackle future challenges head-on.

Bringing their experience into the narrative, participants engaged with the presentation sharing their experiences during operations thus making the course a true opportunity for knowledge exchange within the company.

The training course concluded with the participants noting the relevance and hands-on approach of the topics covered will help them from the get-go on their day-to-day responsibilities.

With increasing bottle necks in resourcing offshore projects with the correct skills, and as more offshore wind projects go into development, this was an excellent opportunity to actively promote the benefits of skills transfer between sectors. Our offshore oil & gas surveyors and engineers, bring a wealth of experience, which can be directly applicable to the T&I of offshore wind projects, in particular those in deep water or hostile environments.

This training course is a testament to ABL’s commitment to not just maintain but advance our teams expertise aiming to further support our clients in their goals.

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