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Jake Anderson

Jake Anderson

Managing Director of Longitude


Naval Architect


Marine Design, Upgrade and Conversion, Offshore Wind, SURF, Cables, GBS, Jack-Ups, T&I Marine Operations Engineering




Jake is the Group Director of Longitude Engineering, with responsibility for all the Longitude offices around the world. He has previously been the founding managing director of the Singapore and the Exeter offices.

He has worked for twenty years in oil and gas and for ten years in offshore wind, undertaking activities including transportation and installation engineering of platforms and infrastructure including cables, moorings, hydrodynamic simulations and structural design. He has also undertaken the newbuild and conversion design of vessels. He is focussed on understanding the requirements of clients to ensure the success of their projects.

Jake’ experience with vessel design and operation includes ships, barges and jack-ups. He has managed projects in all stages from concept design to construction oversight and acted on clients’ behalf to navigate projects through regulatory and technical challenges. Having experience in both vessels and their operation provides clients with confidence that the work undertaken is fit for purpose.

Major design projects include the conversion of an unmanned barge into a DP2 cable lay vessel with accommodation, the design of a newbuild cable lay ship, conversion of a tanker to an FPSO and design of a walking jack-up. These projects have required large multi-disciplinary teams in the design phases and are often followed through to shipyard selection, contract negotiation, construction supervision and acceptance trials. These projects involve acting on behalf of clients to deal with Class and Flag States as interfacing with end clients and fabricators.

Operational experience includes the simulation of marine operations such as cables, risers and moorings, and multi-body interactions such as float-overs, GBS set-down and ship-to-ship moorings. By combining marine operations and metocean hindcast data, operability and risk analyses have been performed on numerous projects to provide clients with decision-making information.

Jake also provides expert evidence in legal cases involving the design of vessels and marine operations.