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David Wells

David Wells

Associate Expert / Consultant


Expert Witness, Master Mariner


Mooring and anchor handling, Navigation (maritime and offshore), Offshore operations, Personal injury, Shipboard operations, Towage and heavy lift (incl. rig moves)




David Wells, a Master Mariner, was a founding member of Aqualis Offshore (now ABL Group) and held the position of CEO until the end of 2021 and his retirement. Mr Wells has more than 30 years’ experience in the offshore consultancy sector with a particular focus on offshore operations, MWS and marine consultancy. He is a specialist on jack-up rig move operations, location approvals and all aspects of rig moving. Prior to joining Aqualis Offshore, Mr Wells was a specialist consultant to the offshore market and previously held senior Global and Regional MD roles for a major leading global oil and gas consultancy. Mr Wells resides in London, UK.